Space Hawk Trailer – Full production work flow


Pre Production, production and Post production went into this Trailer!

Hired actors, Foley sounds, VFX, 3d Modeling, Secured film locations, are some of the things that were required to make this short Trailer.

I was responsible for the VFX, 3d Modeling, Editing and filming. Mostly Post production. However in previous parts, I was also heavily involved. Such as idea creation. The scene I enjoyed the most to make was the HUD scene.

The reason is because it required parts from different people of the team. One person designed the HUD in illustrator, another member of the group designed the sound FX for the little popups. And the other member secured the location for where we filmed this. Working as a team is what I really enjoy. I had to stitch this all together in Adobe after effects. Using 3D tracking points, Animating the HUD. Adding a little bit of a fish eye effect to the HUD (as it was a flat plane) to give it the illusion that the HUD was surrounding his face. Some motion blur, Color correcting and Grain.

A full production diary can be found here inĀ  PDF format.

During all the filming we used two of my DSLR cameras. The Lumix G80 & G7.

Locations included:

Eden Project, Cornwall, England,

Consol, Tanning salon in Bristol, England

Arnolfini, Bristol, England